Chelsey Walker

Communications Expert & Designer

How it


One day I jumped on a plane for a two-month trip to Indonesia… Little did I know how my life and work would forever change!

It’s funny in Highschool when you’re supposed to figure out what you’re you’re going to do for a living for the rest of your life, all I wanted to do was ride horses.

As strange as it may seem it was the horse industry that opened my eyes to the world of communications and marketing. While working for top-level professional athletes I realized the impact of good communications skills and marketing.

It was suggested to me by a mentor of mine that I may really thrive in PR and communications and should think about pursuing a career along these lines. I didn’t even know there were careers in “talking to people.”

So I started researching programs that would cater to my innate skill for communication. That’s when I came across Algonquin College’s PR program. It was a perfect match. After two years of learning and honing my PR skills, I achieved my diploma in Public relations from Algonquin College.

After achieving my diploma I went to work at a bustling Toronto-based PR agency (Republic). It was certainly a change of scenery from my country life. Working in the agency taught me so much about marketing, strategic campaigns and how to hustle. It also taught me that agency life is NOT for me!

One day I was offered a marketing position with Food and Beverage Ontario that I could not refuse. My communications position with the firm quickly turned into a marketing and design role. This job ended up being transformative for me. I took lead for the social media accounts, started designing websites, creating video content and putting my best practices to the test. They gave me full creative space to try out everything while working from home!

While working full time I was also attending Royal Roads University to achieve my BA in Professional Communications.

I believe in the power of holistic marketing. Strong communications skills. And living a life worth living!


With a diploma, degree, and work experience in hand. I decide to venture into the world of entrepreneurship!

I have always been a disciplined person, but struggle to conform to a strict schedule.

2019, I decided to take the leap and start freelancing. I launched my first business called Strategically Chic. Right away clients started pouring in, it was so exciting.

Then covid happened…

In January 2020 I decided I would go on a solo trip to Bali Indonesia since I could work from anywhere. Little did I know I would end up getting stuck there with airports closed for the next year and a half!

Thank goodness I had some savings because pretty much all my client work came to a sliding HALT.

Here I was stuck in Bali, with no work, no friends, and alone. It was intimidating. But it’s funny how life works out…

I ended up meeting the most incredible friends. Got to live in Bali with no tourists and had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And spend my time travelling locally and further developing my marketing skills. Through this, I discovered a passion for videography and website design and started honing my skills.

During my time in Bali, I met my partner and we ended up moving to South Africa, where I currently live.

So let’s flash forward. Finally, after a long dry spell clients started coming back at the beginning of 2022. But my business Strategically Chic no longer represented my growth as a freelancer and skill set.

And so I have rebranded to what I am today, CW Comms & Designs. A one-stop shop for all things digital marketing specializing in uniquely designed and functional websites and branding.

Nature inspires my design work. Travel allows me to see outside the box. My communities teach me to communicate effectively.





Although I work in the digital space I much prefer making real connections! Let’s connect. I can’t wait to hear your story.